Your radio. Customized!

Do you want more possibilities or the help of professionals? Let us do it.

A catalog of customizable services tailored to you.

Helpdesk and support

IT/Customization and integrations

Sound design and production

Radio for social media and events

Music for your ears: customized advice!

Our team takes care of everything from strategy design to radio creation, from spot recording to broadcasting.

Some good reasons to choose our business service

Dedicated sound designer

A reference figure that follows you step-by-step in defining your radio.

Costumed musical moods

Select tracks that are tailored to your business, not just random playlists.

On-site production studio

An expert professional studio to create your jingles, commercials and surveys (85 languages available).

Customized landing page

Possibility to customize the login page to the dashboard and player.

The radio for every occasion

Many, infinite possibilities,
one for every situation.

For chains

Multiple locations, only one radio (if you want) to manage everything with ease.

For social media

One for each channel to keep your followers happy and loyal.

For events

Suitable for fairs, congresses, seminars, but also for seasonal activities.

Help whenever you need it.

Certainly many answers to your questions are already included in our FAQ, if you don't find what you are looking for send us your request.

Technical helpdesk 24/7

Dedicated service

Smile and kindness guaranteed

Your radio, managed
directly by us

Don’t have time to create your own radio? Call us and we’ll do it for you.

Your ideas are at the heart of it

Customized sound

Trusted advisor

Customization and integration with your system.

Tailor-made solutions for your needs that can be integrated with business software or existing apps.

1. What music can I listen to with the personalized service?

You can listen to the music you want. We give you access to hundreds of different moods created by our team of music experts or gives you the option to create an ad hoc one for your business (ask us how). A soundtrack (the musical mood) is an endless stream of music that is updated daily. A mood has no programming limits and is also perfect for every special occasion (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) to create the sound that best suits your business.

2. Can I broadcast my company\\\'s commercial advertisements and announcements?

Absolutely yes. Ask us how to do it: it\'s really simple. Your personalized radio is designed to broadcast commercials, announcements, jingles, time signal at the top of the hour: you just need to create the announcement. It is also possible for you to sell your advertising space to your suppliers or clients.

3. What rights are included in the Music Your Brand service fees for the sales point?

Only the rights to transmit the radio at the sales point, unless you are in the United States or Canada. Composers and musicians are paid for the music that is played in your company through their management companies (the so-called RELATED RIGHTS). You have to pay for public broadcasting licenses when you play music in your business, whether you play music from a radio, a CD player or through an online streaming service like ours.