How much it costs

Two catalogs. One solution.

Choose our radio and change the music in your store.

It's complete - all the music you want, over 10.000 pieces

It's intuitive: customize your calendar

It's dynamic: create your own playlist

It is only yours and you can implement the offer with the additional packages


/ month
/ location*

*Do you have several locations? Start with one and then add as many locations as you want.
Do you have more than 5 locations? Contact us

Select the surface of the location:

up to 1000 m²
over 1000 m²
Royalty Free catalog

It brings together the music of artists who do not belong to traditional or mainstream catalogs and have not signed contracts with traditional collectors (SIAE/SCF/SGAE/SUISA/ITSRIGHT, etc.). If you choose this catalog, you WILL NOT need to sign up for distribution licenses.

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+5,90€ / month / location

The cost includes the broadcasting rights and related rights.

Standard catalog

It includes works by well-known, mainstream, classical and traditional artists (SIAE/SCF/SGAE/SUISA/ITSRIGHT, etc.). You must license this catalog directly with the collector (SIAE/SCF/SGAE/SUISA/ITSRIGHT, etc.). No additional Music your Brand charges but distribution license is not included.

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+ broadcasting rights
+ related rights

Please contact your local PRO to sign up for licenses

*14 days free trial. First charge in 14 days.
Unsubscribe at any time.

Custom radio

But it doesn't stop there, discover our custom service.

If you are looking for comprehensive and dedicated advice, if you want something designed specifically for your brand and your clients.

Rely on our sound designers

They will study and create the sound wave that is suitable for your brand.

Your project

It will be constantly updated as required and with the support of a dedicated Project Manager.

Customize your content

Advertisements, jingles and liners and customized features to enrich your radio.

Additional services

And if you want something that makes your clients feel really unique we also have...

Text-to-speech commercial

A useful tool for self-recording personalized messages for those listening to your radio

Professional commercials/Jingles

Commercials designed by our speakers to talk directly to your clients and promote offers/locations

Upload commercial already owned by the client

Upload commercials by external professionals unto Music your Brand that you have registered


More than 15 elements of the schedule that are broadcast at specific times (weather, time signal, news, horoscope, etc.)

Special/temporary events

Initiatives created ad hoc during special periods of the year (for example interviews during the Sanremo Festival)