Your local collection society or societies Vs Royalty Free

To support you in your choice, we have combined some of the answers we have given our customers over the years.

Standard Catalogue or Royalty Free?
What are the main differences between the two music catalogs?
Good questions!

Always keep in mind that in public stores you cannot play music from private accounts (even Premium) because you risk heavy penalties.

Let's start from the basics

So why choose our Royalty Free catalog?

Before we list the benefits of our Royalty Free catalog, we want to clarify ideas about this term. Royalty is the compensation paid to the owner of an asset, to the creator or author of an intellectual work. So in the case of Royalty Free music, these are purchased licenses that can be used at no additional cost as long as the license limits are met.

Are you looking for legal music for your business?

Discover MoosBox

MoosBox is our Royalty Free music service that sounds easy! A single contract, a single SMALL price, a single interlocutor: simpler than that is impossible.

This means that by subscribing to the Royalty Free catalog you will not have to pay the copyright through your local collection society or societies.

The advantages:

minimum spending, maximum yield

the simplest solution

it does not imply additional management costs

perfect for your store's background music

it accompanies and does not disturb the purchase