Our partners

Our partners

The music player

Volumio has more than 650,000 installations worldwide and is used by over 30 Hi-Fi manufacturers as their streaming engine. Volumio combines integrations with all major streaming services and radio sources, offering easy operations and pristine audio quality.

The wireless HiFi system

Direct access to Music Your Brand services is available for SONOS customers.

SONOS is the wireless Home Sound System that brings your spaces to life.

Go to the SONOS app and activate the premium option: you will have MUSIC YOUR BRAND as a music service.

Your Smart Life Designer

On Off guides customers towards professional or domestic digitalization, integrating audio, visual, digital, and technological devices.

As a reference point for the Italian and European market, it starts from an analysis of multimedia needs and integrates multi-brand systems into all-in-one projects for meeting rooms, auditoriums, conference centers, places of worship, shopping centers, retail stores, event venues, and home environments.

From consulting to design to implementation, On Off, thanks to a team of constantly updated experts, supports the customer towards the most modern multimedia.

Digital signage changes its face

HDDS Vision is an innovative solution for digital signage that revolutionizes the management of audiovisual and multimedia communication, making it accessible to everyone.

HDDS not only provides software, monitors, LED walls, indoor and outdoor totems, but also a server-client architecture that makes the system simple, reliable, and customized for each individual player.

Sound For Your Business

Jingle Factory specializes in Sound Branding, supporting companies in creating a sound identity. From copywriting to voice casting, from editing to editing, from the management of broadcast rights to the creation of music and jingles, Jingle Factory gives sound to ideas.

Your retail partner

BBC Technologies is a software house that supports customers in the provision and consulting of management and sales software. In Store Analytics, IPOS, Sma.RT are just some of the point-of-sale monitoring solutions that constitute the company’s core business.

Aiming for innovation and simplification, BBC Technologies improves the quality of use of these tools

The Italian Social Publishing and Trade Marketing Platform

Redhab is the Italian Social Publishing and Trade Marketing platform that allows Brands to publish content automatically and simultaneously on the social pages of single-brand, multi-brand, franchising, agency, consortium, network, stores/retailers. etc. 

The platform, targeting all companies that use a distribution channel to sell their services or products, simplifies the presidium on social channels by providing points of sale with an automatic system that unifies and optimizes communication.


Discover Commercial Space Music available in every State

Choose MoosBox, our International In-Store Radio 🌍

As you can imagine, regulations regarding the broadcasting rights and related rights of a musical work vary from country to country. Music Your Brand is currently available in Italy and Spain, but MoosBox is the all-in-one fully licensed alternative that allows companies to create a unique and personalized atmosphere safely and anywhere in the world.

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